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Sally, We have been using the 120 mm wide machine for many weeks, it has been a good unit.Would you price us the same style cutter but with a 200 mm wide capacity?

—— Marshall Carrigan

Machine works well. We use it to separate 1200mm LED strip PCB.We will recommend it to our customers.Good quality!

—— Kammy Moore

It can cut & strip our wires(AWG10-AWG31)well. Works fast and easy operation.Will purchase another soon.

—— Paul Stewart

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As a Professional manufacturer, we provide high quality automation machines at competitive price. So far, our main product includes: Automatic tube/wire/tape/sleeve cutting machine, V cut pcb separator/PCB depanelizer, SMD component counter, Wire cutting and stripping machine, etc. 

Automatic cutting machine: Suitable for cutting kinds of product, including soft tubes, tapes, wires, etc. 

  1. Cut tubes: plastic pvc/rubber tube, silicone tube, heat shrink tubes, fiberglass tubes, insulation tube, teflon tubes, and other soft tubes.
  2. Cut Cable/wire: Flat cable, ribbon cable, copper wire, Nickel wire, aluminum wire, etc 
  3. Cut Tape/belt: nickel strip, velcro, cotton tape, elastic band, plastic tape, zipper, conductive tape, foam, etc
  4.  Cut Sheet: battory separator, Nickel sheet, diffuser sheet, plastic/rubber sheet, pvc sheet, etc
  5.  Cut Film: plastic film, reflecting film, double-sided tape, Malar film, insulation paper, PE, Copper/Aluminum foil, release paper, etc
If you are interested in this machine, please tell us what you want to cut and its size. We will recommend a suitable machine for you.

V-scored PCB Separator: For separating V-cut Aluminum/FR4/Fiberglass PCB to pieces

YS-805A for Max 400mm pcb cutting
YS-805B for Max 600mm pcb cutting 
JX-F300 for unlimited length of pcb cutting

If you are interested in our machine, please tell us the length of your pcb, we will select a suitable model for you.

Automatic wire cutting and stripping machine: Cut and strip various wires/cables

Automatic wire cutter and stripper can cut and strip wires/cables. Wide application range, high productivity, simple operation and the well-known stripping quality are the main features of this machine.
  • Cutting to length
  • Full or partial stripping
  • Exceptional price to performance ratio
  • Processing of short cables
  • User-friendly operation

SMD component counter: For counting tape&reel SMD electronic componnets/parts for SMT

SMD Component Counter works in a simple way by counting the holes on the tape. It can work in two ways:
Totalizer: components are counted from a zero reference, tape feed is motorized and the counter automatically stops at the tape end, to prevent loss of the total.
Preset mode: the desired component number is keyed on the keyboard and the counter automatically stops when it reaches the corresponding component.
  • Bi-directional counting, will subtract count when the direction of the tape is reversed.
  • Tape pitch from 2mm upwards, ideal for counting 0201, 0402 etc.
  • Accurate counting of all components in embossed (black or clear) & punched (paper and plastic) carrier tape.
  • Reel widths from 8mm to 72mm.
  • Simple operator interface simplifies pitch setting.
  • Makes an ideal tape inspection platform in addition to its counting function.
  • Portable and easy to use
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